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The journal of Mechanical Science and Technology for Aerospace Engineering is an academic journal sponsored by Northwestern Polytechnical University, founded in 1981. It is a monthly journal and published publicly at home and abroad. It has been acceppted by Core Journal in Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), National Chinese Core Journals, China Science and Technology Core Journals (Statistical Source Journals of Chinese Scientific and Technological Papers), it ranks T3 level of mechanical engineering discipline subject subject in the Graded Catalogue of High-Quality Scientific and Technological Journals of China Association for science and technology (an important journal in this discipline at home and abroad and recognized by the academic community). It is also acceppted by World Journal Impact Index (WJCI) report and Japan Science and Technology Promotion Agency database (JST). The main academic papers published include: theoretical research of mechanical science and technology, design calculation, institutional analysis, experimental research, involving new methods, new processes, new materials, new equipment of mechanical engineering, CAD/CAM and mechatronics, leading achievements in the forefront of disciplinary development.

Mechanical Science and Technology for Aerospace Engineering has won the following awards: Top 100 Scientific and Technological Journals of Chinese tertiary institutions Science and Technology Journal Construction Demonstration Case Base (2022), SANQIN Development Plan for Outstanding Science and Technology Journals (2021), China International Influence Excellent Academic Journal (2013), Excellence Award for periodical Standardization by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (2010), China Excellent Science and Technology Journal (2008), Hundred Outstanding Academic Journals in China (2007), Advanced Science and Technology Journals Award of of Chinese tertiary institutions (consecutive awards), Advanced Science and Technology Journals Award of Shaanxi Province (consecutive awards), Excellent Science and Technology Journals Award of Shaanxi Province (consecutive awards), Advanced Chinese Science and Technology Periodical of Xiniu Award (consecutive awards).


1. Submission instructions

Currently, online submission is the only way, e-mail submission is not accepted. Please fill in the contents according to the requirements of the submission system for later contact and manuscript processing.The submission process is as follows.

1) Visite the website:

2) Click the “Author Center” at the upper left corner, input the existing account name and password to login, or click "Author Registration" to register a new account, and log in the account to enter the submission system after the registration is completed;

3) After entering the submission system, click "I want to contribute", and follow the prompts to upload the manuscript;

4) After submission, please wait patiently for the review result. The preliminary review period is within 1 week, and the peer review period is generally 1~2 months. You can query the status of the manuscript in the submission system at any time. If necessary, you can contact the editorial office for communication and urging.

2. Copyright

The author should carefully read the Copyright Transfer Agreement (click to download) before submitting a manucript and upload a signed one when the manucript is accepted. Once accepted, the journal assumes that the author is already familiar with the content of the Copyright Transfer Agreement and agreed to transfer the right of modification, reproduction, distribution, information network transmission, translation and compilation in the copyright of the article to Mechanical Science and Technology for Aerospace Engineering worldwide.

3. Confidentiality

All authors of the manuscript must ensure that the content of the article does not involve state secrets and politically sensitive information, as well as commercial secrets. And authors must submit the a signed Non-confidential commitments (click to download) when the manucript is accepted. If there are related problems, the author must be responsible for it.

4. Manuscript Requirements

The content of the manuscript should be scientific, creative and practical, with great theoretical guidance or practical reference significance. The language should be fluent and concise, the key points are supposed to be prominent, with clear arguments and reliable data. The tables and figures should be clear and the formulas be correct. The references have strong timeliness and representativeness.

Authors submitting the manuscript should affirm the originality of the manuscript and ensure that the manuscript has not been submitted to other journals and not been published in any official publication. The content of the manuscript must be true and legitimate, and there is no plagiarism, plagiarism, tampering and other bad behaviors. Once submited, all papers will be tested for text copy ratio, papers with a text copy ratio of higher than 15% will be rejected. Other duties of authors please see the journal's Publication Ethics Statement.


1) Manuscript Rormat

Please accomplish the manuscript following the Submission Template of Mechanical Science and Technology for Aerospace Engineering(click to download) . The length of manuscript is not limited, but at least 5 000 words is recommended.

2) Title

The article title is generally no more than 20 Chinese characters and 20 words in English, and should be concise and informative, and avoid abbreviations and formulae where possible.

3) Authors

Please give accurate and correct authors' name and institutions (both in Chinese and in Engilish).

4) Abstract

The abstract writing should follow the principle of "purpose, method, result, conclusion", and be concise and informative with a length of about 200 characters in Chinese and 200-400 words in Engilish. Namely, the abstract should be self-contained and adequate as a summary of the article, it should indicate aim and significance, newly observed facts, conclusions, and the essential parts of any new theory, treatment, apparatus, technique, etc.

5) Key Words

There should include 3~8 pieces of words that can exactly reflect the subject of the article, and the number/order of the English key words should be in accordance with that of the Chinese key words.

6) Funds

If the research is funded by relevant research funds (or projects), please give the fund (or project) name and approval number in footer of the first page.

7) Author Introduction

A brief introduction of the first author should be given in footer of the first page, including name (year of birth), education (degree), professional ranks and titles, research direction, and e-mail address.

8) Engilish Table and Figure title

All tables and figures shown in the paper should be given English titles.

9) References

The number of references should be no less than 15.

For each non English reference, the corresponding English information must be given in a separate line. Please use the original English text if there were.

The description format of the references should be in strict accordance with the Information and Documentation--Rules for Bibliographic References and Citations to Information Resources(GB/T 7714—2015).

5. Manuscript processing flow

6. Review period

Generally, the editorial department will inform the author whether the manuscript is accepted within 2 months since he/she submited it.

7.Publication period

Generally, the manuscript will be published within 8~15 months since the submission. Before official publication, it will be pre-published online (CNKI and the journal website) as soon as possible since it is accpeted and preliminarily edited.

8. Appeal

If the author has any objection to the review results, he/she can appeal to the editorial department. A complaint report shall be submitted, stating the reasons or explanations for the complaint.

After receiving the appeal, the editorial department should organize expert to verify the problem. Once the appeal is confirmed to be valid, a third-party review and arbitration of the manucript should be arranged as soon as possible.

9. Paper download

Except regular databases, researchers can also download the papers published in Mechanical Science and Technology for Aerospace Engineering (from 2012 to present) on our website (the column "Journal online", for free. For the papers published before the year 2012, the PDF documents can be downloaded on the following websites:, and

In addition, the website also provides the whole issue PDF documents (from 2012 to present) to readers for free.

11. Fee

Mechanical Science and Technology for Aerospace Engineering charges a review fee(150 yuan/article) when manuscript passed the preliminary review period, and a publishing service fee( 450 yuan/page) when manuscript is accepted. Besides, the editorial department will send journals to the every author of each article for free when the new issue is published as a gift.

12. Other questions

1) Once the article is submitted, the author information (author name and order, author unit, etc.) can not be modified, otherwise it will be rejected.

2) The editor has the right to modify the text of the manuscript, and the author's proofreading and publication of the proof are responsible for the text (including political, academic, confidential, etc.).

3) For any other questions, please contact us (Tel: 029-88493054; E-mail:

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