Volume 43 Issue 3
Mar.  2024
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WANG Zhe, ZHAO Haitao, LIU Yang, CHEN Ji'an. Effects of Rope's Knot Vortex on Tensile Properties[J]. Mechanical Science and Technology for Aerospace Engineering, 2024, 43(3): 526-532. doi: 10.13433/j.cnki.1003-8728.20220222
Citation: WANG Zhe, ZHAO Haitao, LIU Yang, CHEN Ji'an. Effects of Rope's Knot Vortex on Tensile Properties[J]. Mechanical Science and Technology for Aerospace Engineering, 2024, 43(3): 526-532. doi: 10.13433/j.cnki.1003-8728.20220222

Effects of Rope's Knot Vortex on Tensile Properties

doi: 10.13433/j.cnki.1003-8728.20220222
  • Received Date: 2021-12-15
  • Publish Date: 2024-03-25
  • A poly-p-phenylene benzobisoxazole(PBO) rope has excellent properties and is widely used in aerospace and many other fields. This paper studies rope knots through comparing tensile experimental results between knotted and non-knotted ropes. It is found that the knotted rope greatly reduces its tensile properties. In order to deeply explore the reasons why knotting reduces the tensile properties of a rope, the knot model is established by using the UG software to study its knot vortex and equivalent length, Through the experimental study of tensile properties of various knots, a method for evaluating the effects of the rope's knot vortex on the tensile properties is proposed. The experimental results show that the evaluation method can evaluate the tensile properties of knots according to the ratio of the equivalent length of knots to the total number of vortex sides.
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