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Effeet of Hardening on Elastic-plastic Curved Crack Tip Displacement Under Dynamic Load
YANG Da-peng, PAN Hai-yang, ZHAO Yao, LI Tian-yun
Abstract(26)[PDF 644KB](11)
Development of Project Management Culture for Russian Consulting Company: 10 years of Experience
Grigory Tsipes, Natalia Echkalova, Elena Sharova, Alexandr Tovb
Abstract(26)[PDF 467KB](13)
Research on Critical Technology of A661 Airborne Software
LI Jian-ping, ZHU Yu-qing, LI Ya-ping
Abstract(26)[PDF 124KB](13)
Analysis on Static Pressure Bearing Seal Characteristics of Guide Sleeve of Electro-hydraulic Servo Cylinder
SHAO Junpeng, XU Longfei, SUN Guitao
Abstract(26)[PDF 3312KB](10)
The Axial Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of Ball-screw about Machine Tool Feeding System
ZENG Hao-ran, LIU Nian-cong, YANG Jia-rui, CHEN Jian-long, GENG Wei-tao
Abstract(25)[PDF 4039KB](10)
Screw Analysis of Head Broken in Process
XU Run
Abstract(25)[PDF 64KB](7)
Design of Vibration Monitoring System of CNC Machine
WEI Xieben, CAO Yanbin, SUN Peiming
Abstract(25)[PDF 254KB](8)
Research on Extraction of Bottom of Shoe Pattern Based on Binocular Stereo Vision
MA Xin-wu, GAN Yi, SUN Fu-jia
Abstract(24)[PDF 466KB](16)
The Application of Sylvester Matrix to Analyze in Robotic Position
ZENG Ke-ke
Abstract(24)[PDF 126KB](10)
Design of Experimental System of USB Data Acquisition Card-based Temperature Acquisition
LIU Xiao-feng, WANG Yu-shun, XU Zhong-yun, YU Yong-fang
Abstract(24)[PDF 1918KB](11)
Study on Carbon Emission Driving Factors and Low-carbon Policy of Transportation Industry in Henan Province
LIU Zhan-yu, SUN Xia-ling
Abstract(24)[PDF 107KB](9)
A Synthesis of Relationship between Trust and Knowledge Transfer-in the View of Organization Cooperation
XIA Wei-li, LI Xiao-ge
Abstract(23)[PDF 397KB](10)
An Innovative Organic Rankine Cycle with Gas-liquid Injector for Pressurization
ZHU Hua-yun, XU Zhi-ming
Abstract(23)[PDF 255KB](17)
The Production Management Improvement Model of Small and Medium-Sized Permanent Magnetic Materials Manufacturing Companies Materials Manufacturing Companies
TIAN Zhong-qu, ZHANG Shu-juan, JIN Ya-juan, REN Miao, AN Pei
Abstract(23)[PDF 321KB](11)
Motion Control of Omnidirectional Mobile Platform based on Fuzzy PID
PENG Jiang-tao, GAO Peng-fei, YANG Dong, AKBOTA Kalizhanova, MENG Hua-lin
Abstract(23)[PDF 340KB](14)
Effect of Boundary Condition on Impact Response and Damage Meso-mechanism for Scarf Bonded Repair of Load-bearing Composite Structures
LIU Bin, HAN Qing, LU Zhi-xian, ZHONG Xiao-ping
Abstract(23)[PDF 764KB](13)
The Competitiveness of Tourism Industry along the Silk Road Based on the Entropy TOPSIS
YANG Jin, MENG Yan-mei
Abstract(22)[PDF 344KB](13)
Design and Implementation of Intelligent Water Meter Reading System
XU Tao-tao
Abstract(22)[PDF 743KB](16)
Fault Pattern Recognition based on Kernel Method and Fuzzy C-means
SUN Yebei, ZHAO Rongzhen, TANG Xiaobin
Abstract(22)[PDF 837KB](13)
Research and Development on NC System of Gear-hobbing Machine based on Zero-programming Technology
HUANG He, LIU Fu-hua, FENG Guo-qun, LIU Liang, CHEN Qing-lin
Abstract(22)[PDF 593KB](11)
Several Applications of MEMS in Fluid Area
ZHU Meng-nan, CAO Yun, ZHU Hui-jun
Abstract(22)[PDF 248KB](15)
Effect of Lightening Hole on Dynamic Characteristics and Fatigue Life of Diesel Engine Crankshaft
YANG Fang, REN Xiao-le, CUI Ju-jie
Abstract(22)[PDF 304KB](13)
Talking about the Application Prospects of Type of Floating Pontoon Bridge
WANG Zi-an, CHEN Jia-xin
Abstract(22)[PDF 70KB](12)
Maintenance Scheduling with Delay-time Modelling: An Overview
DU Jingyu, LI Jianping, HU Yimfun, GUAN Xin, SI Min, LIU Bin
Abstract(22)[PDF 340KB](11)
Materials Selection of Marine Seawater Pipelines Based on Life Cycle Costing
GENG Jun-bao, Michael Pecht
Abstract(21)[PDF 420KB](10)
The Opportunities and Cooperation for Electric Power Enterprises on the New Silk Road Economic Belt
LEI Xiao-miao, SUN Qi
Abstract(21)[PDF 128KB](13)
Engineering Structure and Strength Design of Reducer Bend under Internal Pressure
CHEN Sun-Yi, CHEN Jin, LIU Ceng-dian
Abstract(21)[PDF 441KB](13)
Analysis of Necessity of Transforming Electrical Grid Access Training and Examination Regulatory Agency Mode
JI Tuo, SUN Qi, ZHOU Wan-lan
Abstract(21)[PDF 165KB](11)
Adaptive Bearing Fault Diagnosis based on Wavelet Packet Decomposition and LMD Permutation Entropy
WANG Ming-yue, MIAO Bing-rong, YUAN Cheng-biao
Abstract(21)[PDF 4071KB](13)
Study on Training Innovation Ability of Forestry and Agricultural Mechanical Post-graduates
ZHOU Jian, ZHOU Chang-xin, TAN Zu-sheng, ZHONG Zhi-gang
Abstract(21)[PDF 118KB](14)
Research on Steward Dynamic Platform Simulation Numerical Algorithm
WANG Ming-wei, HU De-ji
Abstract(20)[PDF 272KB](12)
Study on Failure Possibility of Full Containment LNG Storage Tanks with API 581 Risk-based Inspection
MA Xin, SHI Tong-hui
Abstract(20)[PDF 158KB](11)
Application of Professional Software in Vehicle Engineering Electronic Control Experiment
FAN Xiao-bin, JIN Ke
Abstract(20)[PDF 12080KB](12)
Application of Multi-sensor Information Fusion in the Fault Diagnosis of Hydraulic System
LIU Bao-jie, YANG Qing-wen, WU Xiang, FANG Shi-dong, GUO Feng
Abstract(20)[PDF 271KB](13)
Dynamic Analysis of Wind Power Turbine's Tower under the Combined Action of Winds and Waves
CHENG You-liang, QU Jiang-man, XUE Zhan-pu, JIANG Yan
Abstract(20)[PDF 328KB](14)
Research on Transmission Accuracy Characteristic Analysis of RV Reducer
TAN Peng, QI Houjun, HAN Lin, FENG Juntao, MA Dongsheng
Abstract(20)[PDF 4203KB](7)
Cause Analysis and Treatment Measures for Leakage of Top Cover of 330 kV GIS Equipment
MIN Haibin, CHENG Hao, ZHANG Hao, ZENG Qingfeng, LUO Xiangyang
Abstract(20)[PDF 312KB](7)
Production-teaching-research of a Commercial Aircraft Corporation in the Chinese Industry Chain
CHEN Lin, WANG Shuang-yuan, WEI Lin-wan
Abstract(20)[PDF 559KB](11)
Solar Shutters based on Photovoltaic Power Generation
LUO Zhixuan
Abstract(20)[PDF 191KB](34)
Effect of Sealing Air on Oil Droplet and Oil Film Motions in Bearing Chamber
SUN Heng-chao, CHEN Guo-ding, YOU Hao, CHEN Jun-yu
Abstract(19)[PDF 950KB](8)
Analysis of E-procurement Strategy of Aviation Enterprise with e-SCM
CHANG Guang-shu
Abstract(19)[PDF 371KB](10)
Stress Computation of Roadheader Shovel's by using the Finite Element Method
LI Qiang, ZHANG Ming-yu
Abstract(19)[PDF 412KB](13)
Research on Full Vector Dynamic Balancing Algorithm for Rotors
YANG Zhi-han, WANG Wen-chao
Abstract(19)[PDF 174KB](10)
New Requirements for Quality Management of Equipment in Offshore Environments
WANG De, ZHANG Taifeng, TAN Xiaoming
Abstract(19)[PDF 163KB](10)
Development of Engineering Material and Heat Treatment Inquiry System based on VBA
ZHU Limin
Abstract(19)[PDF KB](0)
Customer-oriented Configuration Model for Modular Mechatronic Products: Application in Industrial Robot Design
LI Jing, TONG Shu-rong, LIU De-teng
Abstract(19)[PDF 1888KB](10)
Motion Characteristic Analysis of a Parallel Mechanism with 2-DOF for Industrial Fan Blades' Scribing
QIN Xian, JIANG Yong-jian, DENG Jia-ming
Abstract(18)[PDF 951KB](11)
Investigation of Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on Explicit Dynamics Analysis in ANSYS/LS-DYNA
ZHENG Yu, WANG Kai, XI Chuan-peng, LA Zhao
Abstract(18)[PDF 8863KB](10)
Study on Finite Element Analysis of a Folding Crane Based on ANSYS Workbench
JING Ping-an, WANG Zhong-min
Abstract(18)[PDF 1787KB](12)
Comparison of Two Control Charts for Correlated High Dimensional Data Streams
BIAN Shui-xian, ZI Xue-min
Abstract(18)[PDF 242KB](11)
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