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Dynamic Evaluation Model and Application Methods for Engineering Machine Maintenance Quality
WANG Jian, WANG Yan-feng, DAI Ling, WANG Xi
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Study on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning for Design of Serialized Product
HUANG Lijiang, DENG Hang, FAN Zebing, PENG Yongcong, LEI Ting, TIAN Xitian
Abstract(2)[PDF 298KB](5)
Impact Analysis of Fluid-structure Coupling Embedded Weapon Bay
FENG Ruoqi, CHEN Xuemei, PU Keqiang, XIONG Qinlin
Abstract(2)[PDF 564KB](5)
Matching and Simulation of Power Parameters of Electric Transporter based on Cruise Software
HUO Xukun, MA Xiaolu, LIU Yan, WU Lihui
Abstract(2)[PDF 328KB](5)
Design on Vibration Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis System of Large Water Pump Motor
WEI Xieben, LU Xujin, LI Tongbin, CHEN Shuqin
Abstract(2)[PDF 362KB](4)
Key Technology of Cutting and Moving Large Spherical Tank
YANG Wei, LIU Xinshang, HU Xuefeng
Abstract(2)[PDF 308KB](2)
Application Prospect of STF Technology in Braking Field
ZHANG Fuzhou
Abstract(1)[PDF 166KB](9)
Research of Dynamic Material Handling in an Automobile General Assembly Line Based on Real-time Information
WANG Nan, LI Shi-qi, WANG Jun-feng, ZHANG Zhen-li
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Structure Design and Finite Element Analysis of a Connection Assembly Program
WANG Ru-ling
Abstract(0)[PDF 367KB](0)
Taper Analysis of Work-piece with Lathe Spindle Angular Swinging
LI Ya-bo, PANG Jiang
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Studyt on the Emergency Medical Service Evaluation and Improvement
WU Hai-long, SU Qiang, ZHU Yan, XUE Lei
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Product Quality Coordination in Outsourcing with Asymmetric Information
SONG Hua-ming, MA Yi-zhong
Abstract(0)[PDF 206KB](0)
Project Portfolio Ranking based on the Strategic Contribution Efficiency
WANG Lin, BAI Si-jun, GUO Yun-tao
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Study on the Flight Safety of Russian Aviation Troops
WANG Xiu-li
Abstract(0)[PDF 166KB](0)
Management and Control of Aircraft Maintenance Error Based on the Coordination of the Human-machine-environment System
WANG Xiao-hong, WANG Duan-min
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The Influence of the Straightening Velocity on the Evolution of Heavy Rail Roller Straightening Stress
FANG Wei-xin, GUO Xi-ping, ZHOU Shuang
Abstract(0)[PDF 437KB](0)
Analysis of E-trade Strategy of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone
CHANG Guang-shu
Abstract(0)[PDF 213KB](0)
Structure Design of the Mobile Cutting Machine Tool Based on Pro/Engineer
CAI Chang-liang, TANG Shu-feng, QIU Hong-ran
Abstract(0)[PDF 286KB](0)
Design of the FDM Scanning Mode Based on ANSYS
DAI Yue, REN Chong, FANG Wei-xin
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Decision-oriented Usability Evaluation of an Operation Interface: Model and Application
LI Xiao-jun, SUN Lin-yan, LI Min
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Parametric Collaborative Design of Network-based Mechanical Products
WU Shu-fang, YU Guo-jun, WANG Zong-yan, SU Tie-xiong, QIN Hui-bin
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Application of Composite Materials in the Fire Explosion Suppression System
REN Shan
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The Analysis of the Combined Territorial Machining and Contour Line Machining Based on the CAXA Manufacturing Engineer 2004
RUAN Xiao-guang, CAO Han-xin, LI Fu-yang, ZHANG Dang-fei
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Communication Model for a Process Planning System Based on a Multi-agent
WANG Tao, DU Juan, WANG Chun-yan, LI Yun-xia
Abstract(0)[PDF KB](0)
The Electrical and Mechanical Alignment and Accuracy Detection of Numerial Control Machine Tool
XU Liang-xiong, ZHOU Xiang
Abstract(0)[PDF KB](0)
Deformation Analysis and Optimization on Hollow Spherical Rotor in Electrostactically Suspended Gyroscope
LIU Rui-ge, SONG Feng, LIU Rui-ying
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