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Life Prediction Model of Machine Tool based on Deep Learning
HE Jiawei, ZHAO Chendi, GAO Ruiyu, LIU Xuehui, WANG Xue
Abstract(141)[PDF 762KB](18)
Maintenance Scheduling with Delay-time Modelling: An Overview
DU Jingyu, LI Jianping, HU Yimfun, GUAN Xin, SI Min, LIU Bin
Abstract(29)[PDF 340KB](15)
Research on Loose Reason of Fixing Bolt of Step Connector based on Finite Element Analysis
WU Jianlong
Abstract(13)[PDF 867KB](14)
Mechanical Analysis and Optimal Design on Transfer Case
WANG Xinbo, ZHU Xuebin, LIU Shuangyan, WANG Di, AN Guangle, SONG Xiaobo
Abstract(9)[PDF 1765KB](12)
Study on Hydraulic Transmission of Offshore Low-speed Wind Energy Generator
SHI Qingyi, DENG Xiaogang, XIAO Xinyuan, HU Yushuang, WANG Rui
Abstract(6)[PDF 5667KB](7)
Research on Pantograph and Overhead Contact System's Simulation of High Speed Railway and Comparison of Three Calculation Methods by Finite Element Method
PANG Zhining, LIU Yin, WANG Dongming, LIU Yiqin, CHEN Yangyang
Abstract(4)[PDF 2533KB](6)
Study on Vibration Detection System of Wind-driven Generator based on Virtual Instrument
WEI Xieben, LU Xujin, LI Tongbin
Abstract(7)[PDF 422KB](6)
Study on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning for Design of Serialized Product
HUANG Lijiang, DENG Hang, FAN Zebing, PENG Yongcong, LEI Ting, TIAN Xitian
Abstract(5)[PDF 298KB](6)
Impact Analysis of Fluid-structure Coupling Embedded Weapon Bay
FENG Ruoqi, CHEN Xuemei, PU Keqiang, XIONG Qinlin
Abstract(3)[PDF 564KB](5)
Matching and Simulation of Power Parameters of Electric Transporter based on Cruise Software
HUO Xukun, MA Xiaolu, LIU Yan, WU Lihui
Abstract(5)[PDF 328KB](5)
Design on Vibration Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis System of Large Water Pump Motor
WEI Xieben, LU Xujin, LI Tongbin, CHEN Shuqin
Abstract(3)[PDF 362KB](5)
Key Technology of Cutting and Moving Large Spherical Tank
YANG Wei, LIU Xinshang, HU Xuefeng
Abstract(8)[PDF 308KB](3)
Layout and Simulation Design of Intelligent Manufacturing Production Line via Visualone
LIN Feng
Abstract(11)[PDF 410KB](3)
Design of Piston Rod Inspection Robot for Hydraulic Hoist based on Vision
ZHU Sisi, ZHAO Peng, WAN Gang, ZHU Quanping, YANG Jin, HE Kai
Abstract(3)[PDF 3381KB](3)
Reliability Sensitivity Analysis for Drum Brake on Modal Stress
HE Ning, ZHANG Delong, ZHANG Qinghua
Abstract(4)[PDF 496KB](1)
Discussion on Foundation of Offshore Wind Turbine
LI Lei, GUO Peijun, LYU Tao
Abstract(2)[PDF 74KB](1)
FMECA and FTA Methods of Reliability Analysis for Oil and Gas Pipeline Robot
SONG Jin, ZHANG Xiaolong, LUO Ying, HUANG Kuang, LIU Jie, WU Longfei
Abstract(1)[PDF 333KB](1)
Study on Rolling Mill Gear Box and Design of Multichannel Fault Diagnosis
WEI Xieben
Abstract(1)[PDF 137KB](1)
Interesting Beat Phenomenon for Airfoil
JING Zhiwei
Abstract(1)[PDF 1090KB](1)
Design and Simulation of Insulator Cleaning Robot via Pro/E and ADAMS
CAI Changliang
Abstract(1)[PDF 2097KB](1)
European Offshore Wind Gravity Foundation
LI Lei, GUO Peijun, LYU Tao
Abstract(5)[PDF 3174KB](1)
Design and Research of a Portable Tool for Assisting Elderly People Walking
WU Daikun, PANG Ning
Abstract(0)[PDF 720KB](0)
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