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Feasibility Analysis of IMA Configuration Design Tool
FENG Guangding, MENG Bo, XIANG Yangkui
Abstract(16)[PDF 594KB](4)
Efficacy of Online Learning and Influence on Skin and Eyes Among College Students
LUAN Mei, LI Luyao, CHEN Jianan, ZHAO Yixin, HE qiannan
Abstract(2)[PDF 192KB](2)
The Existing Problems and Optimization Paths of Digital Textbooks Under Background of Internet
ZHAO Shuai
Abstract(4)[PDF 241KB](1)
Research on Visual Operation and Guide System of Railway Four-electric Engineering Construction
PANG Zhining, XU Tianyi, WU Xusheng, JIN Wenxin
Abstract(3)[PDF 3618KB](1)
The Topology Optimization of Oil Cylinder Mounting
LI Zhibin
Abstract(1)[PDF 814KB](1)
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