“International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management” is a kind of English academic quarterly publication publicly issued at home and abroad. Published papers in this Journal included:

1. Plant engineering and management related theory, technology, new application and practical achievements;

2. (Computer Numerical Control (CNC), machining center (MC), flexible manufacturing system (FMS), computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS) engineering and management;

3. Research on the equipment investment decision and its cost during its life cycle;

4. Equipment; modernized upgrading, updating and scraping;

5. Computer application in equipment engineering and management;

6. Equipment information management system and network technology;

7. Equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis technology;

8. Equipment reliability and maintainability;

9. Equipment maintenance methods , mathematical mode and new maintenance techniques;

10. Equipment corrosion and protection and surface engineering application;

11. Relation between equipment and environmental protection.

ISSN of the journal is 1007-4546.

CN of the journal is 61-1299/TB.

Domestic Price: RMB 40.00/year.

Overseas Price: US 40.00/year.