FENG Guangding, MENG Bo, XIANG Yangkui. Feasibility Analysis of IMA Configuration Design Tool[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2024, 29(1): 1-13

Feasibility Analysis of IMA Configuration Design Tool
FENG Guangding, MENG Bo, XIANG Yangkui
PLA Unit 32382, Wuhan 430000, China
With the widespread application of integrated modular aviation (IMA) electronic systems, the requirements of IMA characteristic analysis and configuration generation have also improved significantly. "Configuration and design system based on AADL models (real-time, reliability, interactive complexity, and schedulability) analysis of the AADL model" mainly get through key characteristic analysis for optimization, combined with input of component parameter information and constraint information, assist designers in generating system configuration information,and form a comprehensive modular avionics system resource configuration strategy generation platform. Also, the tool can generate configuration plans for avionics system software and hardware physical architecture configuration. The analysis of the avionics system model mainly involves designers inputting the existing system model architecture for multi characteristic analysis, it can realize the multi-character analysis based on software intensive system architecture models for software dense systems. Inter-complexity and schedulability analysis, and according to characteristic constraint analysis 、 system model assessment parameters and system architecture constraint parameters to generate configuration scheme information that meets the requirements. The system can meet domestic and foreign software-intensive systems and meet its quality requirements.
Key words:    integrated modular aviation(IMA)    multi-character analysis    constraint analysis    configuration generation   
Received: 2023-09-09     Revised:
DOI: 10.13434/j.cnki.1007-4546.2024.0101
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FENG Guangding
XIANG Yangkui

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