LI Tao, ZHAO Zengyi, YU Zhongzhan. Research on Remote Fault Detection System of Ceramic Kiln Based on 5G and IoT Technologies[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2023, 28(2): 99-112

Research on Remote Fault Detection System of Ceramic Kiln Based on 5G and IoT Technologies
LI Tao, ZHAO Zengyi, YU Zhongzhan
Ceramic Research Institute of Light Industry of China, Jingdezhen 333000, Jiangxi, China
In order to overcome the defects of the existing technology that the detection of ceramic electric kiln faults takes a long time and costs a lot, an electric kiln control and fault detection device was designed. The working process of the device includes detection module, control module, start-stop module and switch module. The detection module detects the resistance circuit and sends a fault signal to the control module. The control module generates stop signal and fault information according to the fault signal, and starts the electric kiln when the fault signal is not received within the preset time. The start-stop module can monitor the internal temperature of the electric kiln and control the closing status of the switch module. The switch module is used to control the connection status of AC power and each resistance circuit in the kiln. Based on the 5G DTU or 5G module, the control module could send the information to mobile terminal under the ultra-reliable and low-latency communication(uRLLC) technical characteristics of 5G communication.
Key words:    ceramic electric kiln    remote fault detection    modbus protocol    5G communication   
Received: 2023-02-13     Revised:
DOI: 10.13434/j.cnki.1007-4546.2023.0203
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LI Tao
ZHAO Zengyi
YU Zhongzhan

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