WEI Xieben, LU Xujin, LI Tongbin. Study on Vibration Detection System of Wind-driven Generator based on Virtual Instrument[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2021, 26(1): 57-64

Study on Vibration Detection System of Wind-driven Generator based on Virtual Instrument
WEI Xieben1, LU Xujin1, LI Tongbin2
1. Shantou Polytechnic, Shantou 515000, Guangdong, China;
2. Jieyang Polytechnic, Jieyang 522000, Guangdong, China
This study analyzes the structural characteristics of wind-driven generator, concludes its comment malfunctions and proposes effective methods by general fault analysis methods, so as to design online detection and fault diagnosis system of wind-driven generator in virtual instrument. This work will realize real-time detection, help engineers to proceed remote fault diagnosis, reduce maintenance time and increase production efficiency. This study is meaningful and practical to develop a fault diagnosis system for wind-driven generators, which shows professionalization of fault diagnosis system.
Key words:    wind-driven generator    virtual instrument    vibration detection    fault diagnosis system   
Received: 2021-01-11     Revised:
DOI: 10.13434/j.cnki.1007-4546.2021.0105
Funds: This paper is supported by the following funding projects: Scientific Research Project of Jieyang Polytechnic (Project No. 2019JYPCQB02); Science and Technology Project of Jieyang (Project No. sdzx002)
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WEI Xieben
LU Xujin
LI Tongbin

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