HE Jiawei, ZHAO Chendi, GAO Ruiyu, LIU Xuehui, WANG Xue. Life Prediction Model of Machine Tool based on Deep Learning[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2021, 26(1): 1-15

Life Prediction Model of Machine Tool based on Deep Learning
HE Jiawei, ZHAO Chendi, GAO Ruiyu, LIU Xuehui, WANG Xue
School of Information Engineering, China University of Geosciences, Beijing 100083, China
In view of the shortage of traditional life prediction methods for machine tools, such as low accuracy of life prediction and few samples basis attributes, a life prediction model of machine tools combined with machine tool attributes is proposed. The life prediction model of machine tool adopts KL dispersion distribution theory, uses modal superposition method to carry out machine tool life analysis, calculates the theoretical life of machine tool, and then carries on the simulation, obtains the machine tool life prediction value. Compared with the traditional method of machine tool life prediction, the model is based on the application life fatigue damage model, which superimposes the service times and maintenance cycle of the machine tool, derives the influence factor of machine tool life, and obtains the linear relationship between the influence factor of machine tool life and the life of machine tool. The influence factor of machine tool life is introduced as the life prediction parameter of machine tool. The data transformation relationship of HT300 parts is constructed. The original part data is enhanced. The effective training set is obtained. The life prediction model of machine tool based on deep learning is completed. The quantitative analysis of machine tool life is carried out. The experiment of machine tool life prediction using training data set proves the validity of the model. Regression test was carried out on the training data set to reflect the robustness of the model. The prediction accuracy of the model is further verified by Weibull test.
Key words:    life prediction model    machine tool    KL divergence    metamorphic relation    data enhancement   
Received: 2021-01-18     Revised:
DOI: 10.13434/j.cnki.1007-4546.2021.0101
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HE Jiawei
ZHAO Chendi
GAO Ruiyu
LIU Xuehui

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