MIN Haibin, CHENG Hao, ZHANG Hao, ZENG Qingfeng, LUO Xiangyang. Cause Analysis and Treatment Measures for Leakage of Top Cover of 330 kV GIS Equipment[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2019, 24(4): 231-242

Cause Analysis and Treatment Measures for Leakage of Top Cover of 330 kV GIS Equipment
MIN Haibin1, CHENG Hao2, ZHANG Hao2, ZENG Qingfeng3, LUO Xiangyang2
1. Hanzhong Iron and Steel Company Power Energy Center, Shaanxi Iron and Steel(Group) Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Hanzhong 724200, China;
2. Zhejiang Machinery Industry Information Institute, Hangzhou 310009, China;
3. Hangzhou Leichuang Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou 310011, China
Based on the experience of GIS equipment maintenance, the causes of air leakage defects of GIS equipment running in a 330 substation were analyzed. After the equipment was disassembled, the main causes of air leakage were found, and a series of improvement measures were taken to eliminate the GIS equipment leakage defect. And the effective and feasible advice was put forward for this type of air leakage problem. The results lay a foundation for the safe and stable operation of GIS equipment.
Key words:    GIS equipment    air leakage    top cover    injection and sealing    treatment   
Received: 2019-08-25     Revised:
DOI: 10.13434/j.cnki.1007-4546.2019.0404
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MIN Haibin
ZENG Qingfeng
LUO Xiangyang

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