Yan Jun. Analysis and Control over Noises in Main Driving System of XK-736-type NC Miller[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2012, 17(2): 117-124

Analysis and Control over Noises in Main Driving System of XK-736-type NC Miller
Yan Jun
Huzhou Vocational and Technical College,Huzhou 313000,P. R. China
Some concrete methods are suggested in the article to control noises in main driving system of XK-736-type NC miller by analyzing working conditions of gears in the main driving system and bearings in the spindle gearshift system.Without changing the original design,noises are reduced ideally by modifying gear top,and by controlling the profile error;the central distance of meshing gear,the quality of the inner and outer rings of bearings;and the fit accuracy among bearing,hole and axis.The results may provide a reference for diagnosing and maintaining in future use.
Key words:    NC miller    main driving system    noises   
Received: 2012-05-14     Revised:
Funds: This paper is supported by the University Research Projects of the Education Department of Zhejiang Province in 2011 under Grant No.Y20111926
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