WEI Li-dui, DUAN Shu-lin, WU Ji, WU Qi-li, XING Hui. Modal Experiments and Finite Element Analysis of the Bolted Structure Considering Interface Stiffness and Prtension[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2012, 17(2): 87-94

Modal Experiments and Finite Element Analysis of the Bolted Structure Considering Interface Stiffness and Prtension
WEI Li-dui, DUAN Shu-lin, WU Ji, WU Qi-li, XING Hui
Marine Engineering College,Dalian Maritime University,Dalian 116026,P. R. China
It is particularly important to evaluate natural frequencies and natural modes of the structure of bolted joints to avoid the failures of the structure due to the resonance.The vibration characteristics of bolted structures are closely connected to surface roughness of contact interfaces,the magnitude of pretension of the bolts and the number of clamping bolts.In this paper,the effect of the factors above on the natural frequencies of bolted structures is systematically investigated by experiments.Then,the finite element method is applied to analyze the effect.Finally,the numerical method is validated by experimental measurements of the natural frequencies.
Key words:    surface roughness    pretension    natural frequency    FEM    bolted structures   
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