Oana Zenaida PASCAN, ZHANG Wei-hong, Jean Philippe PONTHOT. Mechanical Buckling Analysis of Composite Panels with/without Cutouts[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2012, 17(2): 65-76

Mechanical Buckling Analysis of Composite Panels with/without Cutouts
Oana Zenaida PASCAN1
1. Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering,University of Liege,Chemin des Chevreuils,1 B-4000 LIEGE 1,BELGIUM;
2. Engineering Simulation and Aerospace Computing,Northwestern Polytechnical University,Xi'an 710072
A simplified analytical solution suitable for simple stacking sequences was developed using the Euler buckling theory,the structure's equations of equilibrium and laminate panel mathematical formulation.Comparing these results with numerical results reveals the accuracy of the method and even more,allows us to validate the numerical analysis.Therefore,two important results are obtained:a simplified analytical solution for the buckling problem and validation of the numerical results.Another important and novel finding is related to the influence of the angle ply orientation and of the cutouts,on the buckling load.Under symmetrical boundary conditions and loading case,rectangular panels with elliptical cutouts,give better results for 90�oriented plies than for 0 oriented ones.With a compression load applied in the X direction,and with material properties 10 times better in X direction than in Y direction,the best results are obtained when the load is aligned with the Y direction associated to the material reference frame.Moreover,panels with cutouts seem to behave better than panels without cutouts under certainply orientation angles.
Key words:    linear buckling    analytical solution    mechanical loading    angle ply orientation    cutouts   
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