KANG Hui-wen, LI Zheng-feng. The Frame of Knowledge-networking Capability in Virtual Rnterprise and Its Promotion Strategy[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2013, 18(4): 243-254

The Frame of Knowledge-networking Capability in Virtual Rnterprise and Its Promotion Strategy
KANG Hui-wen, LI Zheng-feng
School of Management,Northwestern Polytechnical University
Based on Virtual Enterprise( VE),the knowledge networking capacity( KNC) is researched. The knowledge networking capability is divided into four dimensions,including planning capability,building capability,running capability and updating capability,by analyzing the challenge to the knowledge network. Then, atheoretical framework and a dynamic system are built to the knowledge network and promote a great innovation in virtual enterprise by knowledge flow. farthermore,enhance the strategy of improving knowledge networking capacity of virtual enterprise to help the enterprise handle the problem of knowledge network better is proposed. Enhancing knowledge network,thereby,facilitates virtual enterprise to adapt the market need.
Key words:    virtual enterprise    knowledge network    knowledge networking capacity   
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