LI Sui-ke, BAI Si-jun, WANG Xu-bo. Competency Evaluation and Promotion for Portfolio Management Based on Organizational Project Management Maturity Model[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2013, 18(3): 152-158

Competency Evaluation and Promotion for Portfolio Management Based on Organizational Project Management Maturity Model
LI Sui-ke, BAI Si-jun, WANG Xu-bo
School of Management, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an, P. R. China
The objective of this paper is to present an approach to comprehensively and quantitatively evaluate and promote the capabilities of organizational portfolio management. Based on the Organizational Project Management Maturity Model( OPM3),the process areas of organizational project portfolio management are identified through the questionnaire survey and further analysis,and five capability levels are put forward and described.Then the methods of Delphi,AHP and multi-layer fuzzy comprehensive evaluation are applied to construct a model of assessment and promotion. Finally,an illustrative example is presented to verify the proposed approach.The result objectively and accurately describes the project portfolio management capabilities of the organization,and shows that it is able to provide a theoretical basis for an organization to improve and enhance the project portfolio management.
Key words:    project portfolio management    competency evaluation    organizational project management maturity model(OPM3)    fuzzy sets   
Received: 2013-08-15     Revised:
Funds: This study is sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China ( No.71172123),Aeronautical Science Foundation (NO.2012ZG53083),Soft Science Foundation of Shaanxi Prov-ince(No.2012KRM85),and the funds of NPU for Humanities & Social Sciences and Management Revitalization(No. RW201105).
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