DENG Jia-ming, QIN Xian, SHEN Hui-ping, ZHAO Hai-bing, LI Ju, YANG Ting-li. Research on Novel Linear Driving and Metamorphic Characteristics for Slider-actuated Parallel (Hybrid) Mechanism[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2013, 18(2): 87-95

Research on Novel Linear Driving and Metamorphic Characteristics for Slider-actuated Parallel (Hybrid) Mechanism
DENG Jia-ming, QIN Xian, SHEN Hui-ping, ZHAO Hai-bing, LI Ju, YANG Ting-li
College of Mechanical Engineer,Changzhou University,Changzhou 213017,P. R. China
This paper presents a novel one-axis linear-drive control system,in which wire rope is wound orderly around drum by servo motor drive and drays the working slider for a long linear reciprocating motion. PKM with this control system is metamorphic and can achieve great feed forces,accelerations and transverse speeds,high accuracy and low cost. The metamorphic characteristics are studied,including the metamorphic condition,contents,process as well as procedures. The kinematics computation model is established and analyzed.
Key words:    parallel kinematic mechanism(PKM)    hybrid kinematic mechanism(HKM)    linear-drive control system    wire rope   
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