LI Jing, TONG Shu-rong, LIU De-teng. Customer-oriented Configuration Model for Modular Mechatronic Products: Application in Industrial Robot Design[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2013, 18(2): 66-73

Customer-oriented Configuration Model for Modular Mechatronic Products: Application in Industrial Robot Design
LI Jing, TONG Shu-rong, LIU De-teng
School of Management,Northwestern Polytechnical University,Xi'an 710130,P. R. China
The contradiction between manufacturing costs and customer demand of mechatronic products can be balanced by configuration design. The article proposes a customer-oriented configuration model for modular mechatronic products which makes up the shortfall in meeting customer needs for the traditional configuration de-sign mode. The elements of the modular mechatronic products configuration model including module,module connection and configuration knowledge are analyzed. And a formal representation method for configuration model elements combining with their characteristics is given. Based on the above research,an abstract configuration model of modular mechatronic products is designed. Finally,an industrial robot is used as an application exam-ple to build a customer-oriented industrial robot configuration model.
Key words:    customer-oriented    modular mechatronic products    configuration model    configuration design   
Received: 2013-05-11     Revised:
Funds: This paper is supported by Graduate Starting Seed Fund of Northwestern Polytechnical University
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