XU Xi-meng, ZHAO Wei, SU Bin, XU Wan-li. Vehicle Off-road Experimental System Development and Verification Based on the Labview[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2012, 17(4): 230-237

Vehicle Off-road Experimental System Development and Verification Based on the Labview
XU Xi-meng, ZHAO Wei, SU Bin, XU Wan-li
Beijing POL Research Institute,Beijing 102301,P.R.China
The problems in the vehicle off-road experiment,such as various kinds of expensive instruments and difficulty in matching the input and the output signals of the vehicle status which cause useless data acquired.On the basis of considering the test functions and experimental cost,this paper has developed a vehicle off-road experimental system basing on the Labview.This system can complete various kinds of signal acquisition in one experimental system and automatically restore the data by types.This solves the problem of real time matching between the input and the output signals,making sure that the data won't be confused as the experimental increase,so as to level the experimental efficiency and data accuracy.This system has been used to the experiment of some armored vehicles.The analysis of the data has verified the reliability of the system.
Key words:    experimental system    data acquisition    Labview    experimental verification   
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