DANG Xiao-ling. Recent Advances in the Hot Working of Titanium Alloys[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2012, 17(4): 215-222

Recent Advances in the Hot Working of Titanium Alloys
DANG Xiao-ling
Beijing Institute of Systems Engineering,Beijing 100102,P.R.China
In this paper,recent advances in titanium alloy processing are reviewed.The casting,superplastic forming,friction stir welding and thermohydrogen processing of titanium alloys are developed.The great cost saving results from using casting comparing with the conventional machining for rings.The superplastic forming of titanium alloys is a feasible manufacturing technology for civil and military aircraft.The friction stir welding leds to the production of fully-formed,high quality friction stirwelds.In thermohydrogen processing,the high diffusivity of hydrogen in titanium is firstly used to add hydrogen to titanium alloys by controlled diffusion from a hydrogen environment,after thermohydrogen processing,to remove it by a controlled vacuum anneal so as to improve processing and mechanical properties.
Key words:    titanium alloy    casting    superplastic forming    friction stir welding    thermohydrogen processing   
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