黄峻峰, 贺尔铭, 陈鹏翔, 李永志. 某型改性环氧树脂力热特性研究[J]. 西北工业大学学报
HUANG Junfeng, HE Erming, CHEN Pengxiang, LI Yongzhi. Study on mechanical and thermal properties of a modified epoxy resin[J]. Northwestern polytechnical university

黄峻峰, 贺尔铭, 陈鹏翔, 李永志
西北工业大学 航空学院, 陕西 西安 710072
对某型改性环氧树脂材料在-35℃~120℃温度范围内进行单轴拉伸试验、热膨胀系数测试及常温冲击试验,探究了其在温变环境下的力热特性。提出了该材料适用于特定温变环境下的本构模型,并建立了不同温度区间的断裂判据。在Matlab中进行数值模拟结果与试验所得曲线拟合程度良好;并将所得本构模型应用于ABAQUS中建模计算并验证结果。结果表明:该改性环氧树脂比常规环氧树脂如E-44、E-51、EPON E863等具有更好的强度、刚度、冲击韧性及更低的热膨胀系数,适合作为星载电子元器件灌封的基体材料。提出的经验型本构模型经过插值得到该材料在-35℃~120℃范围内任意温度下的应力-应变关系,并可直接用于电子元器件灌封体中相关力热仿真分析当中。
关键词:    改性环氧树脂    力热特性    本构模型   
Study on mechanical and thermal properties of a modified epoxy resin
HUANG Junfeng, HE Erming, CHEN Pengxiang, LI Yongzhi
School of Aeronautics, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an 710072, China
The uniaxial tensile test, linear expansion coefficient test of a modified epoxy resin in the ambient temperature range from -35℃ to 120℃, and the impact test at room temperature were carried out to explore its mechanical and thermal characteristics under temperature change environment. The constitutive model of the material suitable for temperature change environment is deduced, the numerical calculation is carried out in MATLAB, compared with the relative tested curve, and the obtained constitutive model is applied to the modeling calculation in ABAQUS and the results are verified. The results show that the modified epoxy resin has better strength, stiffness, impact toughness and lower coefficient of linear expansion than common epoxy resins such as E-44, E-51 and EPON e863. The material is suitable to be used as the matrix of spaceborne electronic component potting module. The proposed empirical constitutive model can obtain the stress-strain relationship of the material at any temperature in the range of -35℃~120℃ through interpolation, and can be directly used in relevant damage analysis and life prediction of electronic component potting module. The research method and derivation results have engineering reference value.
Key words:    modified epoxy resin    mechanical and thermal characteristics    constitutive model   
收稿日期: 2021-09-06     修回日期:
DOI: 10.1051/jnwpu/20213950978
通讯作者: 贺尔铭(1964-),西北工业大学教授,主要从事飞机结构动力学与振动控制研究。e-mail:heerming@nwpu.edu.cn     Email:heerming@nwpu.edu.cn
作者简介: 黄峻峰(1997-),西北工业大学硕士研究生,主要从事结构动力学与振动控制、力学仿真分析研究。
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