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Research on Energy Saving Technology of Load Sensitive Variable Steering System for Vehicles
LI Guangheng, LU Yufeng
Abstract(7)[PDF 783KB](6)
Study on Vibration Detection System of Wind-driven Generator based on Virtual Instrument
WEI Xieben, LU Xujin, LI Tongbin
Abstract(7)[PDF 422KB](6)
Study on Hydraulic Transmission of Offshore Low-speed Wind Energy Generator
SHI Qingyi, DENG Xiaogang, XIAO Xinyuan, HU Yushuang, WANG Rui
Abstract(6)[PDF 5667KB](7)
Contents of Volume 22, 2020
Abstract(5)[PDF 49KB](9)
Contents of Volume 24, 2019
Abstract(4)[PDF 53KB](3)
Research on Pantograph and Overhead Contact System's Simulation of High Speed Railway and Comparison of Three Calculation Methods by Finite Element Method
PANG Zhining, LIU Yin, WANG Dongming, LIU Yiqin, CHEN Yangyang
Abstract(4)[PDF 2533KB](6)
Study on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning for Design of Serialized Product
HUANG Lijiang, DENG Hang, FAN Zebing, PENG Yongcong, LEI Ting, TIAN Xitian
Abstract(4)[PDF 298KB](5)
Matching and Simulation of Power Parameters of Electric Transporter based on Cruise Software
HUO Xukun, MA Xiaolu, LIU Yan, WU Lihui
Abstract(3)[PDF 328KB](5)
Key Technology of Cutting and Moving Large Spherical Tank
YANG Wei, LIU Xinshang, HU Xuefeng
Abstract(3)[PDF 308KB](3)
Development Elements of VR Classrooms in China
LI Wei
Abstract(2)[PDF 107KB](2)
Impact Analysis of Fluid-structure Coupling Embedded Weapon Bay
FENG Ruoqi, CHEN Xuemei, PU Keqiang, XIONG Qinlin
Abstract(2)[PDF 564KB](5)
Design on Vibration Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis System of Large Water Pump Motor
WEI Xieben, LU Xujin, LI Tongbin, CHEN Shuqin
Abstract(2)[PDF 362KB](4)
Application Prospect of STF Technology in Braking Field
ZHANG Fuzhou
Abstract(1)[PDF 166KB](9)
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