SONG Xiaobo, LI Xijin, MAO Qiuying. Application of Topology Optimization Technology based on Inspire and 3D Printing in Lightweight Design of Quadrotor UAV[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2023, 28(1): 45-58

Application of Topology Optimization Technology based on Inspire and 3D Printing in Lightweight Design of Quadrotor UAV
SONG Xiaobo, LI Xijin, MAO Qiuying
Taishan College of Science and Technology, Taian 271000, China
This paper takes the fuselage bracket of the quadrotor UAV as the object, combined with the characteristics of less constraints in the 3D printing process, achieves the optimal structure of the UAV body structure design form, using the inspire topology optimization analysis, with the optimization goal of maximizing the overall stiffness and the optimized structure was checked for strength and verified by 3D printing prototype. The results show that under the premise of meeting the design strength and stiffness requirements, the mass is reduced by 53.29% compared with the original design. The research shows that the application of topology optimization and 3D printing technology to the structural design of UAVs will achieve significant weight reduction effects, providing a feasible way to realize lightweight, complex and integrated design and manufacturing of components.
Key words:    inspire    topology optimization    3D printing    UAV    lightweight design   
Received: 2022-10-04     Revised:
DOI: 10.13434/j.cnki.1007-4546.2023.0104
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SONG Xiaobo
LI Xijin
MAO Qiuying

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