WU Juanfeng. Design and Application of Leather Replacement Tool for Belt Conveyor Seal[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2018, 23(3): 186-192

Design and Application of Leather Replacement Tool for Belt Conveyor Seal
WU Juanfeng
Hanzhong Cigarette Factory, China Tobacco Shaanxi Industrial Co., Ltd, Shaanxi Hanzhong 723102, China
In order to solve the problem which may be generated in the case of manual replacement of the belt conveyor sealing leather, such as the operation space is small, the work efficiency is low and the finger is easy to be scratched, Using the principle of simulated bionics, through theoretical analysis and experimental verification, a tool was designed to replace the belt conveyor sealing leather. The tool includes a limit device, feeding device, U-shaped handle three parts, suitable for the replacement of various types and sizes of belt conveyor sealing leather. Use this tool to replace the belt conveyor sealing leather, the results show that:1) The effect of replace belt conveyor sealing leather is good, belt conveyor sealing leather flat and solid. 2) The replacement process averaged 1.77 min, shorter than the original method of more than 8 min. 3) Direct contact of the fingers and the metal baffle edge was avoided, so as to reduce the chances of a finger injury.
Key words:    belt conveyor    sealing leather    tool    simulated bionics   
Received: 2017-07-26     Revised:
DOI: 10.13434/j.cnki.1007-4546.2018.0310
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Author description: WU Juanfeng is an engineer, Hanzhong Cigarette Factory. His interests including packaging production line equipment, mechanical and electrical control system maintenance work.
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WU Juanfeng

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