LIU Xiaoping, FAN Xiaobin. A Review on the Development of Vehicle Driving Simulator[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2018, 23(2): 108-121

A Review on the Development of Vehicle Driving Simulator
LIU Xiaoping, FAN Xiaobin
Henan Polytechnic University, He'nan Jiaozuo 454000, China
With the development of the economy, cars have become the common means of transportation for people, and the safety issues related to this and the new technologies are being taken seriously. Vehicle driving simulator, as a kind of simulation equipment, is mostly used in the research, experiment and development of new technology enterprises, meanwhile, it also can realize simulation of car running performance, driving training, and make users get real driving experience. In this paper, present development situation at home and abroad of vehicle driving simulator, and the species, composition and working principle of vehicle driving simulator are introduced and teviewed. Based on vehicle driving simulator "driver-vehicle-road environment" in the simulation environment, the dynamic simulation of virtual driving system, visual simulation system, driving simulation of ABS and ESP control were analyzed.
Key words:    vehicle    dynamic simulative driving simulator    view simulation system    ABS    ESP   
Received: 2017-07-14     Revised:
DOI: 10.13434/j.cnki.1007-4546.2018.0206
Funds: This paper is supported by Key Scientific Research Project of Henan Province (17A580003), Key scientific and technological project of Henan Province (172102210022) and National Undergraduate Training Program for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (201610460050)
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Author description: LIU Xiaoping is a postgraduate student of Henan Polytechnic University. Her special field is vehicle dynamics and the control.
FAN Xiaobin is a Ph.D and an associate professor in School of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Henan Polytechnic University. His research interests include automotive system dynamics and control, noise and vibration control.
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LIU Xiaoping
FAN Xiaobin

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