LIU Dong-yu, PAN Ya-jia. 3D Presentation and Disassembly Simulation of Dougong based on Pro/E-VRML[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2017, 22(4): 193-199

3D Presentation and Disassembly Simulation of Dougong based on Pro/E-VRML
LIU Dong-yu, PAN Ya-jia
School of Mechanical Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu 610031, China
The application of parametric modeling method of Pro/E in the modular dougong is researched, and the disassembly and assembly operation of the dougong is implemented through the collision detection by the coordinate method in VRML. Direct interaction of VRML scene at the Web is implemented by using JavaScript to manipulate VRML Object DOM.
Key words:    virtual simulation    Pro/E    VRML    dougong   
Received: 2017-04-17     Revised:
DOI: 10.13434/j.cnki.1007-4546.2017.0401
Corresponding author:     Email:
Author description: LIU Dong-yu is a postgraduate student, Southwest Jiaotong University. His research interests are virtual prototype technology and kinematic theory.
PAN Ya-jia is an associate professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University. His research interest is mechanical design and theory.
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LIU Dong-yu
PAN Ya-jia

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