ZHANG Tie-min, LI Wen-tao, LIANG Li. Structural Design and Static Stress Analysis of Dead Pig Vehicle[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2017, 22(2): 102-113

Structural Design and Static Stress Analysis of Dead Pig Vehicle
ZHANG Tie-min, LI Wen-tao, LIANG Li
National Pig Seed Industry Engineering and Technological Research Center, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou 510642, P. R. China
Nowadays, in our pig field there has no special device to transport those dead pigs. In normal condition, we need some person to carry out those dead pigs from the pig field.But considering the narrow aisle, manual handling is not convenient, on one hand, these measures will increase the labor costs, on the other hand, these measures will increase the labor intensity of workers. In order to carry out those dead pigs from the pig field fast and efficient, to achieve the purpose of health cultivation, in this paper, we designed a dead pig vehicle to handle those dead pigs. The dead pig vehicle consists of chassis, lifting device, driving device, rotating device, power system and control system. The vehicle adopts self-propelled structure, which is equipped with two lead-acid batteries as power. Loading, transportation, unloading and other dead pig handling full operations can finished by only one person. The result of simulation shows that the dead pig vehicle has a good performance and a good stability, it also can satisfy the requirements of the narrow aisle. The results of this research can provide reference for the similar transportation vehicles.
Key words:    vehicle    structural design    pig field    simulation analysis    livestock   
Received: 2017-01-12     Revised:
DOI: 10.13434/j.cnki.1007-4546.2017.0206
Funds: The paper is supported by the Research Program of Science and Technology Project of Guangdong Province (2016A020209008)
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Author description: ZHANG Tie-min is a professor in the college of engineering, South China Agricultural University. His research interests include agricultural robot and agricultural aviation.
LI Wen-tao is a master candidate in the college of engineering, South China Agricultural University. His major is mechanical and electronic engineering.
LIANG Li is senior experimentalist at the college of engineering,South China Agricultural University. Her research interests include agricultural robot and agricultural aviation.
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ZHANG Tie-min
LI Wen-tao

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