LIU Qing, ZHANG Guang-peng, HUANG Yu-mei, CHEN Lei. Research of Plane Grinding under Combined Movement of X-Y Axis[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2017, 22(1): 47-58

Research of Plane Grinding under Combined Movement of X-Y Axis
LIU Qing1,2, ZHANG Guang-peng1, HUANG Yu-mei1, CHEN Lei1
1 School of Mechanical and Precision Instrument Engineering, Xi'an University of Technology, Xi'an 710048, P. R. China;
2 Shaanxi Polytechnic Institutes, Shaanxi Xian'yang 712000, P. R. China
There are many parameters which can influence plane grinding. It is a situation in high workload and poor realizability to find the optimization parameters of the grinding by using experimental method. Taking x-y linkage plane grinding as the platform, influence of grinding quality with 4 factors including initial diameter of the abrasive, initial phase angle, lapping plate & workpiece speed ratio and x-y linkage workbench through simulation is studied. The results show that initial radius vector of the abrasive basically has not effect on grinding trace. When speed ratio between lapping plate with workpiece is decimal the grinding trace seems much better. The significant influence of grinding quality can made by straight and helical x-y linkage motion on workbench.
Key words:    multi-parameter plane grinding machine    grinding curve    simulation   
Received: 2017-01-06     Revised:
DOI: 10.13434/j.cnki.1007-4546.2017.0107
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LIU Qing
ZHANG Guang-peng
HUANG Yu-mei

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