ZHANG Feng, HE Ying-yong, Ren Xian-chang, YANG Jin-chun, ZHENG Zhi-shou. Research on Reliability of Automatic Capping Device for Nuclear Power Plant[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2014, 19(2): 78-87

Research on Reliability of Automatic Capping Device for Nuclear Power Plant
ZHANG Feng, HE Ying-yong, Ren Xian-chang, YANG Jin-chun, ZHENG Zhi-shou
China Nuclear Power Design Co.,LtdShenzhen 518172,P.R. China
Automatic capping device is a complex and non-standard equipment,its reliability directly impacts the safety operation of Solid Waste Treatment System(TES) in nuclear power plant. In order to improve the reliability automatic capping device,the equipment function and machine structure are analyzed. And Failure Mode and Effects Analysis(FMEA) method is applied to systematically analyze all possible failure modes and their reliability. Through establishing the FMEA worksheet,all failure causes,failure effects and their severity are analyzed comprehensively. Base on these analyzing results,it is easy to find out the product function design defects and weak links. Finally,through putting forward design prevention and improvement measures in design,the mission reliability of automatic capping device is improved,and most serious failure mode occurrence is avoided efficiently. Thus the safety operation of TES has been guaranteed in technology.
Key words:    equipment reliability    nuclear power    failure mode    failure effect   
Received: 2014-03-10     Revised:
DOI: 10.13434/j.cnki.1007-4546.2014.0203
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