CHEN Jian-bing, WANG Rui, CAI Qing-qing, GAO Xin-yu. Loads Analysis of Flanges of a Transonic and Supersonic Wind Tunnel Wide Angle Diffuser[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2012, 17(2): 125-128

Loads Analysis of Flanges of a Transonic and Supersonic Wind Tunnel Wide Angle Diffuser
CHEN Jian-bing, WANG Rui, CAI Qing-qing, GAO Xin-yu
China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center,Mianyang 621000,P. R. China
Compared with general circular flanges,flanges on conical shells have different configurations.In the Chinese national code GB150,however,there are no related contents about flange design of this kind of type.So,it needs to study loads of flanges of this kind of type.This paper takes the flange connection of a wide angle diffuser in a transonic and supersonic wind tunnel as the background,according to the principles of flange design in Chinese national code GB150,combining the characteristics of flanges of a wide angle diffuser,the loads of flanges have been analyzed,and the equations of loads and their locations have been presented.
Key words:    transonic and supersonic wind tunnel    wide angle diffuser    flange    loads analysis   
Received: 2012-04-26     Revised:
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