GUO Zheng-yu, LIANG Xiao-geng. Relaxed Stable Stability Technology for an Air-to-air Missile[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2012, 17(2): 112-116

Relaxed Stable Stability Technology for an Air-to-air Missile
GUO Zheng-yu, LIANG Xiao-geng
Luoyang Opto-Electro Technology Development Center,Luoyang 471000,P. R. China
Relaxed Stable Stability(RSS) in an important part of the active control technology.It is a new way to raise the flying speed,distance and maneuverability of missile.Depth study of RSS technology plays an important role for the new concept missile design.This paper describes the detailed definition of RSS and its advantages,presents the research status and prospects for its application in the design of new missiles.
Key words:    missile    active control technology    relaxed stable stability    new future missiles   
Received: 2012-05-20     Revised:
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