WANG Shao-hua, ZHAO Fei. To Evaluate of the Self-dependent Innovation Ability of Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises in Shaanxi Province[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2013, 18(3): 186-192

To Evaluate of the Self-dependent Innovation Ability of Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises in Shaanxi Province
WANG Shao-hua1
1. School of Mechanical Engineering,Northwestern Polytechnical University,Xi'an 710072, P.R. China;
2. School of Management,Northwestern Polytechnical University,Xi'an 710072, P.R. China
For an enterprise,what is important is to have the self-dependent innovation ability so that it can enhance the core competence unceasingly and acquire sustainable competitive advantages. In this paper,the indicator system of the self-dependent innovation ability of equipment manufacturing enterprises in Shaanxi province is constructed,in which includes 4 one-level indicators and 13 two-level indicators; and conducts empirical research by applying the multi-level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method.
Key words:    equipment manufacturing enterprises    self-dependent innovation ability    multi-level fuzzy evaluation   
Received: 2013-08-09     Revised:
Funds: This paper is supported by Fund for Higher Education Research of Northwestern Polytechnical University under Grant No.2012GJY19.
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