YANG Wei. An Urban Traffic Monitoring System Based on the ArcGIS Engine[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2013, 18(2): 74-79

An Urban Traffic Monitoring System Based on the ArcGIS Engine
Xi'an Computer Software Industry Promotion Center,Xi'an 710076,P. R. China
The growing number of vehicles makes traffic jams and accidents significant problems. Making people get to know the real-time road condition can mitigate the effect of congestions greatly,but this is not supported by traditional traffic assistant systems. The intelligent traffic system is born to settle these problems. By making full use of the ArcGIS ( Arc Geographic Information System) Engine characteristics,this paper designs and imple-ments an urban traffic monitoring system. The main functions of the system include the real-time road condition information display,layer-control,supervisory control management and the basic operations of a map. With the data collected by monitors deployed in intersections,different road conditions are calculated and shown with dif-ferent colors on the map and users can choose suitable roads to get away from the traffic congestion; meanwhile it can offer a reference for a traffic management department to make decisions on traffic control. The system has been deployed and shows high practicability and reliability in practical use.
Key words:    ArcGIS Engine    traffic control    intelligent traffic system    road condition display   
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