XIE Teng-teng, SUN Tie, XING Ling, ZHANG Su-xiang. The Transient Modal Dynamic Analysis of a Coke Tower[J]. International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2012, 17(3): 187-192

The Transient Modal Dynamic Analysis of a Coke Tower
XIE Teng-teng, SUN Tie, XING Ling, ZHANG Su-xiang
Liaoning Shihua University, Liaoning 113001, P.R.China
Dynamic analysis must be performed when the duration of the applied load is short or if the load is dynamic in nature. Wind load, as a random load, can lead to the vibration of the coke tower. In order to study the influence to the strength of the coke tower by wind, ABAQUS was used to conduct the transient modal dynamic analysis of the wind load. The response of the structure during loading and unloading was mainly observed. The results indicate that, with the effect of wind, the maximal nodal displacement appears at the top of the tower, which is 0.79 mm; while the maximal stress locates at the node around the skirt, the maximum is 3.26 MPa. Both of the displacement and stress cannot cause the failure of the structure. After loading and unloading, the structure engenders vibration along the loading direction. The frequency is 10 Hz, under the effect of external loads, it may easily cause the resonance of the structure, which can cause damage to the structure. So it must be taken into consideration during the process of design and operation.
Key words:    wind load    coke tower    dynamic analysis    vibration    resonance   
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